Think:games update and plans

I hope that reading this, you had a vacation and that it was good. I had, and in the coming year I really want to pick up Think:games more seriously. In the last months, I have not been active in writing blog posts or anything at all concerning games or education. However, I still strongly believe games can help education, and education can help gaming. Gaming is perhaps the biggest entertainment industry in the world, so why aren’t we talking about games at schools like we are about books, films, music, theatre, et cetera? I have made this my mission, and I’m going to be actively writing about it now.

To be precise: each month, I will write at least one post in my Reading the Game series, covering (part of) a specific game and its possible applications to education. And each month, I will write at least one blog blog post regarding education in games in general, new releases and developments.

Doing this, I hope to involve a larger audience, and also get some feedback and hopefully some collaborations. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Feedback keeps me going, and gives me some fuel for some new posts, or perhaps new media such as YouTube.

This does count as a blog post, of course, but I will post another this week. The gaming landscape is ever moving, and schools are starting up as well, so there is plenty to talk about!

Ps. Also, I’d like to give this blog a personal touch, so as a closing note, here’s a picture of me dressed as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire driving the Dolorean from Back to the Future.


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