Disco Metaphysics: update and plans

My website has never been my main promotion channel for my Disco Metaphysics project, but I will use it for displaying an announcement to anyone stumbling on this page in the future.

The announcement I have already made on Twitter, namely that lately I shifted some personal priorities, and I will be focusing more on different projects, notably Think:games which you can find on this site as well. This goes at the cost of being able to do monthly or even regular uploads for Disco Metaphysics. Mixing music is just too much fun, however, so I will likely never give it up, but it is not my profession and I do not want to be. I feel I can achieve more in other directions, and so this project will only see a new episode every now and then.

That being said, I am open for fun stuff that’s disco and philosophy related. So if you have ideas for a guest mix, or have a great idea for it and want to continue the channel for or with me, please get in touch!


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