Another old photo album. These were taken in the Oostvaardersplassen in Flevoland, the Netherlands. You may know the area from the movie De Nieuwe Wildernis.

Oostvaardersplassen – Winter

March IntoTrees I

Trees IIPainted Sky

On The GroundPerfection

PanoramaCloudy Now

DownDead Trees

Signs of the AgesOpen Mouth

Wooden Skin

All photos are copyright protected, but if you want to use them, just send me a message.

It turns out WordPress does no longer enable you to embed a flickr photostream in a post. That’s just a shame, because I wasn’t planning to start using Wordpress as my photo hosting site all of a sudden.

Under the ‘Photography’ heading, I’ll now just collect posts in which I share fragments of and links to albums on flickr. It’ll take some time, but ah well…