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Album of the Year 2019

It's the time of year where I talk about way more than anyone is willing to care about... the ALBUM OF THE YEAR.

I keep track all year, every year, and 2019 has been no different. Like 2018, it's been a year without any huge instant classics, but lots of good quality in lots of different genres. I had an easy time picking 20 contestants for this list, but a very hard time arranging them and making the final cut.

So without any further unnecessary talking, here is the list!

  1. Leprous - Pitfalls
  2. Borknagar - True North
  3. Denzel Curry - ZUU
  4. James Blake - Assume Form
  5. Lisa Morgenstern - Chameleon
  6. Wilderun - Veil of Imagination
  7. Flume - Hi This is Flume
  8. Cult of Luna - A Dawn to Fear
  9. The Chemical Brothers - No Geography
  10. Vorna - Sateet palata saavat

I would love to hear your opinion, and anything I might have missed.

That being said, I usually have some honorable mentions as well. But...

  • Lisa Morgenstern already claims "best new artist"
  • Vorna already claims "best non-English album"

So here are some of the albums that really impressed me, but just didn't make the cut (no particular order):

  • Yagya - Stormur (minimal techno)
  • The Comet is Coming - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery (fusion/psychedelic jazz rock)
  • Yugen Blakrok - Anima Mysterum (hip hop/trip hop)