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Welcome to my rebuilt site. It's still barebones at the moment, while it's being built you can find the old site here.


Album of the year 2020

I am actively trying not to create a new website everytime I make a new album of the year list. Really! In 2020, I've been digging deeper into JavaScript and regretting that I build my website with a Go framework. Hugo is powerful, so much is clear, but it's less ideal that I have to study a foreign language for every bug I see, and every new feature I want. For example, why does the markdown parser start numbered lists at 0 by default? I might be a developer, but not all my readers are!

Anyway, this site is still great for simple blog posts. So without anything fancy, here is a list with my favourite albums of this year!

  1. Run the Jewels - RTJ4
  2. Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats - UNLOCKED
  3. Sevdaliza - Shabrang
  4. Oranssi Pazuzu - Mestarin Kynsi
  5. Kvelertak - Splid
  6. Preservation - Eastern Medicine, Western Illness
  7. The Weeknd - After Hours
  8. Mac Miller - Circles
  9. Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia
  10. Melt Yourself Down - 100% Yes

And now on to make that new website...