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Album of the year 2021

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2021 Brought me a variety of reasons, some personal, some less so, not to write new blog posts. In fact, my website has received no updates whatsoever since last January. It does not receive a lot of traffic usually, so if you were expecting something, my apologies. I was even contemplating skipping my usual year end's lists for a moment. Musically, 2021 was not that interesting to me. Despite some interesting finds, after my top 6 albums it quickly gets into OK-ish territory. I've discovered a lot of fun records, notably including two Dutch acts Goldband and Altin Gün, but nothing that really blew my socks off. Forcefully narrowing it down to 10, I arrive at the following list.

  1. Kunzite - VISUALS
  2. Wardruna - Kvitravn
  3. Converge & Chelsea Wolfe - Bloodmoon I
  4. Aesop Rock & Blockhead - Garbology
  5. The Lazy Eyes - EP2
  6. La Femme - Paradigmes
  7. Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders - Promises
  8. Mastodon - Hushed and Grim
  9. Sebastian Plano - Save Me Not
  10. Nubiyan Twist - Freedom Fables