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Most listened albums of 2021

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As usual, accompanying my albums of the year 2020, these are my most listened albums of the year. Listening to new music is still one of my favourite things to do, and that is once again reflected in this list. 7 Out of 10 came out in 2021, the other 3 being from 2019 and 2020, so not far behind.

The list:

  1. Jody Westernoff & James Grant - Anjunadeep 12
  2. Grandbrothers - All the Unknown
  3. La Femme - Paradigmes
  4. Kunzite - VISUALS
  5. Yin Yin - The Rabbit that Hunts Tigers
  6. Aesop Rock - Spirit World Field Guide
  7. Wadruna - Kvitravn
  8. Tala Vala - Modern Hysteric
  9. Sebastian Plano - Save Me Not
  10. Lambert - False