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Song Of The Year 2019

Along with my album of the year, the last few years I have been posting about my top songs of the year as well. Well, I'll stop talking because these songs speak for themselves!

Note that they are sorted for listenability more than for any actual order.

You can also find this list as a playlist on Spotify!

|Artist| Song| |:----------|:----------| | Rammstein | DEUTSCHLAND| | James Blake | I'll Come Too| | Leprous | Distant Bells| | Flying Lotus & Denzel Curry | Black Balloons Reprise| | Hot Chip | Hungry Child| | Vorna | Virvatulet| | Borknagar | Up North| | Yugen Blakrok | Land of Gray| | James Blake | Don't Miss It| | Alcest | Le Miroir|

Please let me know what you think! And also send me your lists, that's cool :-).