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Ancient Aliens DebunkedThis review was first published on IMDB on october 8th 2015, read it here.

Ancient Aliens Debunked
Produced and directed by Chris White

Watching Ancient Aliens Debunked, the 2012 response to the popular series about the “ancient astronaut theory”, is like visiting a Wikipedia page for a paper. As actual scientific inquiry, it doesn’t fully hold up, but the film does a really good job at supplying you with the proper resources and directions you need to do your own research (check out the website), or entertain you if you just want to see some decent bashing of the popular series.

As the latter, it’s not that spectacular for the full three hours. It’s a long sit, and although some sections hold up fine as pieces of documentary, watching the whole thing in one go does get pretty boring. It seems unfair to judge it for this, however, because unlike Ancient Aliens itself, it is nobly devoted to the truth, boring as it may be.

What does seem fair to judge it on, is its bias towards some Christian beliefs, in the sections about ancient texts on great floods and the nephilim, and its making the same argumentative mistakes as Ancient Aliens itself. In these sections, producer and narrator Chris White spills a lot of the credibility he built up in the preceding hours. He compensates this well by encouraging viewers to do their own research and form their own opinions. As is stressed in the film, one should only accept authority if what the authority says is true can in principle be discovered to be true. This is what ultimately makes the project worthwhile, although showing from the continued existence (and popularity) of the Ancient Aliens series, much work remains to be done…