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Album of the year 2021

2021 Brought me a variety of reasons, some personal, some less so, not to write new blog posts. In fact, my website has received no updates whatsoever since last January. It does not receive a lot of traffic usually, so if you were expecting something, my apologies. ...read the full post

Most listened albums of 2020

December 2020 has felt like the shortest and the longest month at the same time, however weird that may sound. Working from home, I had all the time in the world to listen to new music, yet it took me until the last few days of the year to actually decide on my favourite 10 (see my albums of the year 2020). ...read the full post

Album of the year 2020

I am actively trying not to create a new website everytime I make a new album of the year list. Really! In 2020, I’ve been digging deeper into JavaScript and regretting that I build my website with a Go framework. ...read the full post